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We have been giving best services to our clients for a very long time

Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited was established in 1990 as a Limited Liability Company with registration number RC.147636 At this period, she was involved in the supply of technical support and provision of competent Nigerian personnel to multinational companies operating within the Niger delta region.

Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited carry out construction and installation projects for major oil exploration
companies namely Nigeria LNG Limited, Shell Petroleum Development Company, ExxonMobil and some marginal field operators.

Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited over the years have executed a lot of projects for the aforementioned companies, projects which involved the construction of pipelines and flowlines, installation of the process facilities {concrete barge} and pre-commissioning.

Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited is a wholly Nigerian company with its board of directors and management team all from within Nigeria. Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited has since then been involved in many construction and installation works.
Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited being an indigenous company have developed local content development strategy in accordance with the provisions of National Local Content development Plan and Strategy.
This developmental strategy has contributed in accordance with the provisions of Local Content development Plan to the projected increase in the quantum of Nigerian involvement in the oil and gas industry. We have in the last years partner with indigenous companies in furtherance to the capacity development for local and indigenous companies.
These amongst other objectives are our believes in the local content development plan

1. Improve capacity development in the oil and gas sector
2. Reduce the dependence on foreign companies for projects in the national oil and gas sector.
3. Sustain the economy by reducing the demand for forex on projects
4. Reduce the poverty and unemployment
5. Enhance transfer of technology and empowerment of local and indigenous contractors.
6. Encourage efficiency and competition among indigenous contractors.
7. Develop Nigerian companies’ capacity to compete on the global platform.

Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited has cultivated the policy of crewing, training and engaging 100% Nigerian workforce for the execution of her projects
It is her plan to liaise with the local content office to establish contacts with Nigerian companies which are engaged in provision of products and services that have & direct/indirect relevance to her area of operation. Her target is to achieve 100% in target in provision of personnel, materials, spares and services that may be required for the execution of projects.
Over the years, we have come to realize the significance of Local content development Plan and Policy. We have reviewed our developmental plan to be in line with the local development plan of our clients with respect to capacity development for indigenous contractors and community development.

Bie-Usha (W/A) Limited is an oil and gas company that is experienced in design, construction, installation, commissioning, welding, fabrication, NDT, hydrotest and maintenance of a variety of equipments and facilities for the oil and gas industry. She is also involved in onshore and offshore construction, erection and installation works and miscellaneous rigging and erection works.



BIE-USHA (W/A) LIMITED has a good network of infrastructural facilities to meet the challenges of our various clients to enhance the delivery of a safe and qualitative services/products to the satisfaction of our clients. It is made up of:



The main office is located at, 201B PH/Aba Express Road, Rumuola junction, Port Harcourt which is the seat of the Managing Director and location of all services handling all technical, Commercial and financial matters and a branch office at 34/36 Hospital Road, Bonny Island.



The base is located on 201B PH/Aba Express Road, Rumuola junction, Port Harcourt. It houses the following:
Storage, (Open air and covered)
Piping/Steel Structure pre-fabrication workshop
Maintenance workshop
Spares and consumable material warehouse
Stocking yard for materials and equipment
Safety Training facilities
It is pertinent to mention that there exists effective radio communication and Satellite telephone link with all work sites from the base.

Our Area of Specialization

Corrosion Control

1. Cathodic Protection – Design, Installation and Monitoring for high pressure gas and oil pipelines, marine structures and storage facilities
2. De-slugging
3. Blasting and Coating
4. Corrosion Maintenance Works on Marine Vessel, Jetties, Barges and Boats
5. Pontoon Internals Inhibition with “ensis oil”
6. Tank Washing and Certification

Mechanical Engineering Services

1. Steel Construction
2. Barges and other Marine Vessel
3. Steel Jetty, Shorelines and Harbours with full navigation buoy service construction, replacement and repair.
4. Steel Fabrication Work
5. Pipelines and Storage Tanks Construction

B) Maintenance Service
1. Hydrotesting
2. Leak Repairs
3. Oil Well Maintenance
4. Pump House Maintenance
5. Flow Stations / Lines Maintenance
6. Pipelines and Tanks Maintenance

C) Workshop Service

1. Air Compressors
2. Cranes
3. Tractors
4. Forklifts
5. Bulldozers
6. Other earthmovers

Technical Manpower Mobilization

Recruitment of all categories of personnel for the oil industry and other industrial establishments, such as:

• Engineers
• Information Technology Professionals
• Fitters
• Scaffolders and Erectors
• Plant Operators
• Drivers
• Divers
• Blasters
• Industrial Spray Painter / Hand Painters, etc.

Our Team

Our well trained and certified team always putting in their skill into delivery of the work scope and in compliance to safety standards